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ImageYoga in Your School

by Teressa Asencia

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Teaching is one of the most essential professions and also one of the most demanding. This book is designed to give teachers simple movement and breathing techniques to enhance their own energy as they inspire their students to tap into their inner potential and create a harmonious classroom.

Children love to move. When they sit still too long, they feel tense and it is more difficult for them to learn. By taking time for a few simple movement and breathing exercises daily, teachers may easily release this tension and create a more effective and enjoyable learning process.

Yoga in Your School presents a series of short Yoga breaks designed for teachers to easily insert into their daily classroom schedule. Each posture or breathing technique may be practiced in less than three minutes, so that they may be used regularly or as needed, when attention or energy begins to wane. These short exercise segments may also be combined to create longer sequences for physical education classes, playgrounds, athletics, recreation centers, camps, and dance schools. This book is designed to jump off the pages and inspire teachers to adapt these exercises to work in their particular circumstances with no additional training.

These simple movement exercises are designed to develop concentration, improve motor skills and physical fitness, develop strength, flexibility and balance as they enhance relationships and inspire a joyful and effective learning process. The breathing exercises are designed to expand lung capacity and increase endurance as they energize and harmonize body and mind.

By simply taking a few moments to stop between activities to breathe and stretch, teachers may create a harmonious classroom with calm, alert children who are receptive and eager to learn.


Enhance physical and mental well-being with Yoga

Hatha Yoga is an ancient science designed to rejuvenate every part of the body and calm the mind. It involves a series of physical exercises and breathing techniques that develop flexibility, endurance and well-being. Hatha Yoga is one of the most comprehensive forms of physical exercise for people of all ages. The stress of daily modern life creates a growing need for ancient, yet simple Yoga techniques that nourish the body, refresh the mind and create a feeling of unity.

How Yoga differs from other forms of physical exercise

It is possible to build body strength, endurance and flexibility through many forms of physical exercise. The unique aspect of Yoga is that it builds both inner and outer strength, endurance and flexibility as it develops qualities like patience, and insight. While toning the body and focusing the mind, regular Yoga practice also strengthens the nervous system and builds an inner confidence and teaches students to concentrate and learn more efficiently as well as be able to better manage the tensions of daily life.



The Ministry of Education in Canada recommends Yoga In Your School eBook



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