Yoga in Your School with Teressa Asencia, M.A., E-RYT

Yoga in Your School – a best-selling eBook by yoga expert Teressa Asencia, M.A., E-RYT, presents a series of short Yoga breaks designed for teachers to easily insert into their daily classroom schedule. Each posture or breathing technique may be practiced in less than three minutes so that they may be used regularly or as needed, when attention or energy begins to wane. These short exercise segments may also be combined to create longer sequences for physical education classes, playgrounds, athletics, recreation centers, camps, and dance schools. Order your copy today!

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Additional Yoga Media Resources featuring Teressa Asencia are also available:

  • Yoga in Your School AV PowerPoint Presentation
  • Other Yoga eBooks in English, Spanish and French
  • Yoga Audio Teleclasses
  • Yoga DVDs

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Yoga Workshops with Teressa Asencia

Teressa Asencia offers Yoga workshops and certified Yoga training locally and worldwide. For information check under Training.





The Ministry of Education in Canada recommends Yoga In Your School eBook


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