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Table of Contents 

Introduction • Take a Yoga Break

Chapter One • Why Yoga in Your School?

     Integrate Yoga Breaks into Your Daily Schedule
     Why Take a Yoga Break?
     When to Take a Yoga Break
     Where to Take a Yoga Break
     The Breath

Chapter Two • Energy/Enthusiasm

     Start the Day with Stretching
          The Pyramid
          Cactus Twist
          Side Stretch
          Forward Bend
          Jumping Frog
     Relaxing Body and Mind
          Elbow Circles
          Seated Spinal Twist
          Easy Triangle Pose
          Eye Exercises
          “See the Best” Contemplation
          Chaise Longue
          Chaise Longue Contemplation
     When Energy and Attention Wane
          The Flying Dolphin
          Golden Gate Bridge
          Bicycle Built for Two
          Energizing Breath

Chapter Three • Strength/Courage

     Inner and Outer Strength
          The Cat Pose
          The Stretching Cat
          Downward Dog Pose
          Twisting Triangle
     Practicing Patience and Perseverance
          Side Stretch at Desk
          Half Moon
          Double Silent Tree
          Double Warrior
     Open the Window to Insight, Intuition and Inner Wisdom
          Intense Forward Stretch
          The Space between Each Breath
          Upside Down
          The Space between the Eyebrows Breathing Technique
Chapter Four • Concentration/Balance
     Enhancing Concentration
          The Tree
          The Eagle
          Double Boat
          Golden Channel Breathing Technique
     Experiencing the present moment
          Arm Stretch at Desk
          Penguin Stretch
          Hair-Raising Stretch
          The Boat
          Be the Witness Breathing Technique
     Balancing Activity with Quiet Time
          The Bridge
          The Grape Press
          Open the Window Breathing Technique
Chapter Five • Harmony/Friendship
     Building Trust and Friendship
          Circle of Friendship
          Circle of Friendship Game
          Two Frogs on a Lotus
          The Toboggan
          Twin Triangle
     The Circle of Giving and Receiving
          Friendship Chair
          Forward Backbend
          Sailboat Stretch
          Twin Spinal Twist
          Standing Back-to-Back Twist
          The Moving Pillow Breathing Technique
     Creating a Harmonious Classroom
          Stretch Up
          Seated Forward Bend
          Cobbler’s Stretch
          Back to Back Breathing Technique
          Pink Cloud Contemplation
Chapter Six • Joy/Contentment

     Bursting with Joy
          Bursting into Blossom
          Growing Sunflower
          Double Dancers
          Tango Twist
     Creativity Flows from a Quiet Mind
          Sun-Moon Breath
          Cloudless Sky Contemplation
     Cultivating Contentment
          The Laughing Table
          Soothing Stretch
          Cultivating Contentment Breathing Technique
          Contentment Contemplation
Chapter Seven • Silence/Stillness
     Preparing for Exams
          Blade Squeeze
          Touching the Stars
          Clearing the Mind Breathing Technique
          Brain Stimulating Forward Bend
          Three-Part Breath
     Sinking into Silence
          Split Lunge
          Sinking into Silence
          The Calm Blue Lake Breathing Technique
          The Blue Balloon Breathing Technique
          The Sound of Silence Contemplation
     End the Day Together in Stillness
          Silent Stretch
          Standing Dolphin
          Spinal Breath Breathing Technique
          End of the Day Contemplation
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