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The Flying Dolphin

Sit on the edge of your chair and place your feet flat on the floor about two and a half feet apart. Inhale and feel the breath expand your rib cage. Breathe out long and lean forward, placing your elbows on your inner thighs. As you breathe in deeply, gently press your inner thighs with your elbows and feel the breath go all the way down into the outside of your feet.

flying dolphin 1 

On the next exhalation, fall forward bringing your head toward your knees. Inhaling, cross your arms, placing your hands on the opposite elbows. Rest here for three deep breaths.

flying dolphin 2 

On the next inhalation, stretch your arms forward placing the palms of your hands on the floor. Exhaling, walk your hands forward on the floor as far as comfortable. Rest here for a few moments and, with each inhalation, visualize the breath expanding your lower back and lengthening your spine. With each exhalation let the breath become softe.

flying dolphin 3 

On the next inhalation, lift your arms up behind your back until your torso and head lift up like a flying dolphin. Exhaling, fall forward again. Continue for three deep breaths, lifting your arms and torso up with each inhalation and releasing forward with each exhalation.

When you have completed three deep inhalations and exhalations, inhale slowly and return to a seated position. Close your eyes and rest here a few moments.

Benefits of the Flying Dolphin

This pose gives a deep stretch to the muscles of the neck and shoulders. It also stretches the spinal column and enhances circulation in the upper body. Since this exercise enhances energy in the upper body and clears the mind, it is recommended when students seem distracted or restless.



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